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Romaquip commenced trading in 1984, opening premises in Birr, Co. Offaly, situated in the geographical heart of Ireland. The company quickly gained a reputation for a high standard of work and quality products. In 1991, Romaquip moved its operation to a nearby purpose built manufacturing facility, enabling it to expand its operations, while remaining close to skilled employees.

Romaquip has over 30 years experience in the design and manufacture of Winter Road Maintenance products, specialising in Salt Spreaders and Snow Ploughs. During this time, the company has developed an enviable level of customer loyalty and support. Continuous research and development by our design team has resulted in products that are easy to use, safe and of the highest quality. Reducing maintenance cost for the product owner has been a key factor in manufacturing and selling our products. Building products in Stainless Steel allows a guarantee against rust and produces an attractive, durable product that lasts up to three times longer than similar mild steel products.

The Romaquip design team are strong in design, technical innovation and are meticulous in quality, finish and attention to detail. Each employee is dedicated to achieving the customer's needs, encouraged by interaction  with the customer. State of the art technology and ongoing research allows Romaquip to customise products to suit individual client's specifications, giving a keen advantage over similar products.

The company recognizes the need for consistently high quality products, and believe that commitment to continuous improvements in manufacturing techniques will keep the company to the forefront of an ever-changing market place.

Romaquip employees pride themselves on the personalised service given to customers. A primary objective of the company is to develop a long-term relationship and to respond to the ongoing needs of customers in a flexible and reliable manner. Romaquip's aim is to be the industry leader in quality and service within the markets we serve.

Stainless Steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium.  The corrosion resistance of stainless steel arises from a chromium-rich oxide film that forms naturally on the surface of the steel. This protective film is strongly adherent and extremely durable and has the ability to repair itself when damaged.

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