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Romaquip products are manufactured from Stainless Steel.

Our gritters and spreaders are manufactured almost entirely in Stainless Steel. In the aggressively corrosive environment that highway maintenance vehicles operate, this is a massive advantage. Where other spreaders disintegrate within a few short years, Romaquip spreaders which are over 10 years old cannot be easily distinguished from new models in terms of steel integrity.


Romaquip’s 3D Solid Modelling Techniques allow an exact virtual model of any particular machine to be kept on file. This means that a customer who requires any spare part can be confident that an exact replica can be supplied with a minimum of fuss.

Every Nut and Bolt is accounted for, as can be seen from the explosion of the conveyor drive box assembly.


Romaquip has one of the most modern manufacturing facilities in Europe, utilising the latest manufacturing technologies and processes to ensure premium build quality.

High accuracy laser cutting technology is used to create the flat patterns derived from the 3D solid model.
CNC press brakes create the folded part utilising the latest in offline programming, making it possible to eliminate human error.

New synergic welding power sources with computer generated profiles are used to produce high quality welds. All milled and turned parts are manufactured in-house using modern CNC milling/turning centres. Again, these machines are programmed offline from the design office.


Quality Control is implemented through an ultra-modern MRP/ERP manufacturing process system. The quality and manufacturing state of any part can be determined at any time. This system allows engineers to very accurately predict manufacturing times

Stainless Steels are iron alloys with a minimum of 10.5% chromium.  The corrosion resistance of stainless steel arises from a chromium-rich oxide film that forms naturally on the surface of the steel. This protective film is strongly adherent and extremely durable and has the ability to repair itself when damaged.

Conveyor Drive Box Assembly
Drive Box Assembly
  Drive Box Animation



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